It’s not motivation, it’s a law!

People aren’t positive, inspiring and generally happy because they are successful in life; they are successful in life because they choose to be happy, positive and inspiring. To understand this, you need to fully grasp one of the fundamental principles of metaphysical science, which I will attempt to explain it in simple terms here. 

I’m sure you’ve heard many times statements such as ” you must be positive if you want to be successful in life” or ” your attitude determines your altitude” – I like that last one from Les Brown.  While these are true, they do not explain how this works and as rational beings, we are naturally inclined to reject them because we fail to see the logic/rationale underpinning them. How do you expect me to walk around with teeth out when I’ve just lost my job, I can’t feed my kids or I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer? 

Think about it this way. Imagine that you are sitting in your car or at home comfortably and you’ve switched on the radio to listen to your favourite station, let’s call it My FM. you love my FM, their DJs are great, the music is soothing and the debates are always thought-provoking. What you don’t know is that MyFM’s staff has been threatening to go on strike due to poor working conditions and today they finally did. The radio management has hired interns to temporarily fill the gap, while negotiation with the staff is on-going. As a result, the quality of the programs today is far from what you’re used to. The DJ’s sound like amateurs, the music is a cacophony and the debates are so trivial you’d think you’ve switched to a high-school radio station. You get upset you call your friend to vent and complain about it, which of course does not solve the problem.

At this stage you have only three choices: 

1/ You stick to MyFM because that’s what you’ve always listened to; you hate it now, but you hope it’ll get better soon and if it doesn’t maybe you’ll adapt and eventually start liking the new programs.

2/ You switch off the radio or even break it out of anger and vow to never listen to radio again because it’s just a huge disappointment 

3/ you tune into a different station, who knows? You might find something else to your taste.

At this stage you’re probably wondering what does this have to do with positive thinking. Stick with me, I’ll get to it now.

By choosing 3, what have you really done? You tuned into a different station and by doing that you are not effectively stopping MyFM’s crappy programs, you’re just deciding to tune your receiver to a different station. 

You see radio works like our thought system. A radio performs two types of functions: it can emit signals via an antenna/Arial which are transported through the air in the form of radio waves; this type of radio is called an emitter, that’s basically your radio station. or it can receive signals also via an antenna. This is called a received and that’s your radio at home or in the car.

For the receiver to catch the waves emitted by the emitter it has to be tuned to the same frequency. Think about the frequency as the lane through which the radio wave travels. There can be dozens of radio waves in the same area, each traveling in their own lane. To catch the NewFM radio wave you need to be or the NewFM lane or frequency.

The same goes for our thoughts with one major difference. The receiver and the emitter are the same, which creates a cycle or a loop. We emit thousands of thoughts into the universe on a regular basis. These thoughts are energy as is everything else around us. As we emit these thoughts, we atune ourselves to a specific frequency and because we are both the emitter and the receiver, while we are on that frequency, we can only receive energy that travels on the same frequency.

So if you emit negative thoughts, you will receive negative energy materialized in various shapes disease, trouble in relationships, trouble at work etc. 

To break the cycle, you need to tune to a different frequency and start emitting different thoughts. How do you do that in the midst of your ‘misfortune’.

Take drastic action. The mind can be conditioned to think and feel a certain way; just like the body can be trained into shape. 

But this requires persistent and regular action. Recreate your environment, surround yourself with things and people that will help you switch. 

Don’t look at the consequences of previous choices in the thought system and decide to make them the premise of your future thought system: that is the vicious cycle of failure. 

Folks, this is not just motivation. This is a law of nature, just like gravity. And if you want to know where you are in terms of your thought system, look at your current situation. In fact, you should regularly take stock, check your thought systems and bring yourself back to the right frequency when you stray, because you will. 

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